Combi Storage Unit – WBSIRELAND

Dimensions of Combi Storage Unit – WBSIRELAND

Width – 4.8 metres
Height – 1.3 – 1.2 metres
Depth – 1.1 metres

What is a Combi Storage Unit Unit?

Ever wondered about an attractive storage unit with your triple wheelie bins and a separate compartment for bikes and miscellaneous items storage? This four compartment Combi Storage Unit unit is designed for utilizing the best space available, particularly for your home, office, or lawn. It is made from high quality, and FSC certified forests to timber, which is pressure treated and pleasant and gives a fantastic look to your landscape. Moreover, it is ideal for your home lawn, garden, park area and looks fantastic for many years to come.

Why Our Combi Storage Unit Unit is worth Investing?

You can found all the characteristics of the best Combi Storage Unit with protection from sunlight to protect your loved ones’ bikes and prevent them from dust and rain. Simply, a shed that can render motherly care to your kid’s bikes for years.

Combi Storage Unit Unit: Things You Need To Know

Our Combi Storage Unit unit is manufactured as a flat packed with all fixtures & fittings, including hinges and tower chain, bolts, hooks, and screws. It is available in five colours and best to store 140 L or 240 L bins. We designed it according to the standard household size. However, you can customize size according to your need and requirement in Combi Storage Unit unit.

This is ideal to store your families multiple wheelie bins and bicycles sized items safely especially if you have no side entrance and sick of kids dragging bikes through the house.

The Combi Storage Unit has a lifting lid that can be attached with the unit door and allowing easy access to the bikes. For our premium range recycle box storage shelves, get in touch, we would be happy to assist you.

Key Features of Combi Storage Unit Units Ireland

  • Made from FSC sustainable sources
  • Pressure-treated Material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Planed smooth
  • Moisture resistance
  • Fungal & Insect Resistance
  • Protection from wild animals
  • Protect bikes from rain, dust, sun and insects
  • Fitted with narrow air vents
  • Durable & Reliable with 15 Years guarantee
  • Free Nationwide delivery
  • Installation Service

Cart Option

Available colours 

Combi Storage Unit unit is completely painted, including inside doors, lids, and side panels or just the outside painting. Recently we are offering five colours in our Combi Storage Unit unit, which make your garden or home aesthetically pleasant. You can customize your color when ordering your bin storage.

  • Willow & Jasmine Duo (white/green)
  • Charcoal Black
  • Knights Armour (dark grey)
  • Slate Grey (light grey)
  • Midnight Blue


  • You need to order Back Panels separately if the back is on display
  • Assembly is not including with the unit and currently available in Dublin only

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