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Double Wheelie Bin Storage

Why investing in our Double Wheelie bin storage unit?

These attractive double wheelie bin storage chest is a pressure treated storage unit instead of Breakable plastic. These two storage chest is perfect for storing your standard size waste bins. The slatted design of the unit, ensuring full ventilation, and prevent unpleasant odor. Partition keeps both rubbish bins separate from each other and to avoid deformity.

These bins are lockable and provide you peace of mind that your containers are safe and secure from animals and children. Each chest is perfectly painted to enhance your garden and home look.

 Double Wheelie Bin Storage: Things You Need To Know

Our double Wheelie Bin Storage unit is designed to store 180L or 240 L Bins. Like our single wheelie bin storage, it is delivered flat packed with all fixtures and fittings, chains, bolts, and hooks. You can customize double wheelie storage units according to your requirement to suit 360 L bins. Get in touch for this.

 Double wheelie bin storage unit for 180L & 240L Bins = Height: 1.150m Depth: .875 m Width: 1.450m- €320

 Our double wheelie bin storage is fully enclosed units with a solid back. The timber material is pressure treated, which gives ten years guarantee. The wood is impregnated copper and organic biocide ingredients that popular to protect the timber.

 Our wheelie bin storage units also protect the fly-tipping. Most councils want less number of bins in their area to keep neat and clean. They do not want to find someone else’s rubbish in their containers. Wheelie bin storage units Ireland prevented unauthorized access and supplied with a floor fixing also.

 Product Key Features

  • Made from FSC sustainable sources
  • Pressure-treated
  • Comes with two front opening door
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can store two Bins
  • Planed smooth
  • Moisture resistance
  • Fungal & Insect Resistance
  • Protection from wild animals
  • Protect your bins form blowing
  • Fitted with narrow air vents
  • Durable & Reliable with 15 Years guarantee
  • Free Nationwide delivery
  • Installation Service


Available Colors

 Double Wheelie Bin storage is fully painted, including inside doors, lids, and side panels or just outside painting. Recently we are offering five colours in our double Wheelie storage unit, which make your garden or home aesthetically pleasant. You can customize your color when ordering your bin storage.

  • Willow & Jasmine Duo (white/green)
  • Charcoal Black
  • Knights Armour (dark grey)
  • Slate Grey (light grey)
  • Midnight Blue


  • You need to order Back Panels separately if the back is on display
  • Assembly is not including with the unit and currently available in Dublin ONLY

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