Welcome to Wheelie Bin Storage Ireland

Who we are?

We are an Irish owned company, providing the best storage solutions for your wheelie bins from single to quint units. We also supply Bike sheds, log stores, combi units, mini-units for gas cylinder storage. With our nationwide delivery service, you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing environment around your home, school, or businesses.

Our Best Selling Products

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Why Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds?

The advantages of using wheelie bin storage.

• It keeps wildlife and pests out of your bins,

Foxes and rats are known for hanging around. So, if you don’t want the embarrassment of rubbish thrown all over the road wheelie bin storage can really help.

• The storage unit is lockable, so only you can access it (putting a stop to the bin thief also)

• All FSC sustainable resource timber made instead of those unsightly plastic types.

• It protects your bin from all-year-round weather, you won’t have to worry about it blowing over or banging lids.

• Mainly the storage sheds will beautify your garden.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Hide your trash bins
  • Protection from wild animals
  • Protection from trash bin thieves
  • Protect your bins from blowing
  • Solid construction
Triple wheelie bin storage

Why Wooden Storage Is Important

Cleverly designed to hide away your wheelie bins while still providing easy access, our storage units (also known as wheelie bin sheds) are made from FSC sustainable resources, delivered with all fixtures, fittings, and clear assembly instructions and equipped with narrow air vents that prevent unpleasant odours.

Suitable for:

  • private residences
  • schools
  • businesses
  • In fact, all outdoor areas where rubbish and recyclable waste is stored, our freestanding wheelie bin storage units will not only improve the appearance of your landscape, but they can also prevent vandalism and unauthorized access too, making them a great investment for all public places.

Whether you are limited on space or have a huge outdoor area to maintain, we’ve got the perfect wheelie bin storage unit for you. Single, Double, Triple, or  Quad and not to mention our premium range of Recycling Box Storage Shelves. If you are not sure which option is right for your business or home, please get in touch, our professional customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.

Why Choose Wheelie Bin Storage Ireland

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Top Quality Products

Wheelie Bin Storage Ireland is consistently working on providing top quality products with fair prices and good material.

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Size Ranges

We have wheelie bin storage units in a different sizes. Sizes can be customized as per your need and requirements.

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Secure Shopping

Wheelie Bin Storage website is secured with an SSL certificate. There is no need to be a worry when you are sharing your payment details with us. Payments are also Gateway Secured.

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Excellent Customer Support

Wheelie Bin Storage Ireland is providing excellent customer support to his customers. We believe our customers are more valuable for us.

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Fast Delivery

We are based in Dublin but we are more near to your heart. Wheelie bin storage ireland team is giving fastest delivery and installations service on your door step.

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Easy Assembling

We have the best wheelie bin storage units that are easy to assemble, there is no need to call a woodworker. You can assemble it your own.

Our Valuable Customer Reviews

[porto_testimonial style=”testimonial-style-3″ name=”Paul Houraghan” el_class=”testimonial-style-custom” animation_type=”fadeInUp”]Great service and a great product am very happy with my bin covers[/porto_testimonial]
[porto_testimonial style=”testimonial-style-3″ animation_delay=”300″ name=”John O’ Connell” el_class=”testimonial-style-custom” animation_type=”fadeInUp”]Super Job By Wheelie Bin Storage Ireland. I really finished the back yard. Tommy was the agent to deal with. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks, guys 👍[/porto_testimonial]
[porto_testimonial style=”testimonial-style-3″ animation_delay=”600″ name=”Sue O’Grady” el_class=”testimonial-style-custom” animation_type=”fadeInUp”]Genuine guys, great product quality, and actually create what their pictures show!! And reply to your messages!!! I can’t recommend it highly enough. Bins are now in their own little home and out of sight. Cheers wheelie bin storage Ireland.[/porto_testimonial]