Single Wheelie Bin Storage


Single Wheelie Bin Storage unit

 In a world where environment cleanliness has the utmost importance, and scientists are focusing on reuse, and recycle of the trash has become a necessary part of daily life. However, staring at a hideous wheelie bin, make your garden or houses unpleasant. Fortunately, we find a solution in the form of a high-quality wheelie bin storage unit for your prized rose garden or manicured lawn. Check out our whole range of wheelie bin storage, which is perfect for households, offices, and schools. Welcome to the the Ireland leading supplier of Premium quality timber wheelie bin storage units for public area, home, offices, and gardens. We are presenting from single wheelie bin storage to Quad wheelie bin storage in different sizes and colors. All our wheelie bin stores come with a 15 years guarantee, you can purchase with confidence.


Have your unit professionally spray painted Inside & out.

Back Panels

Back panels are only desired if rear of unit is on display.


Have our tradesmen assemble your unit on site under 30 minutes.

Angled edges or Standard edges??

Angled edges are purely for aesthetics.

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What is a Single Bin Storage Unit?

This single wheelie bin storage unit is designed for limited space, particularly for your home. It is made from high quality, and FSC certified forests to timber, which is pressure treated and pleasant and gives a fantastic look to your landscape. Moreover, it is ideal for your small office area and looks fantastic for many years to come. Single bin stores not only look great, but they keep those unattractive bins locked up and out of view, creating a clutter-free environment.

Why Our Single Wheelie is Bin Storage Unit worth Investing?

 You can found all the characteristics of the best wheelie bin storage units in one place. Firstly, we are offering you free delivery on the products nationwide, no matter where you live in Ireland. Furthermore, these are lockable units to keep secure the rubbish from animals and other people’s use. Also, it is equipped with narrow air vents that keep unpleasant odor away.

Single Wheelie Bin Storage: Things You Need To Know

 Our single Wheelie Bin Storage unit manufactures as a flat packed with all fixtures & fittings, including hinges and tower chain, bolts, hooks, and screws. It is available in four colors and best to store 140 L trash. We designed it according to the standard household size. However, you can customize size according to your need and requirement in single Wheelie bin storage.


Single wheelie bin storage unit for 140L trash= Height:1.150m Depth: .850m Width: .750m- €95


The bin storage had a lifting lid that can be attached with the bin lid and allowing easy access to the wheelie bin. For our premium range recycle box storage shelves, get in touch, we would be happy to assist you.

Key Features of Single Wheelie Bin Storage Ireland

  • Made from FSC sustainable sources
  • Pressure-treated Material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Planed smooth
  • Moisture resistance
  • Fungal & Insect Resistance
  • Protection from wild animals
  • Protect your bins form blowing
  • Fitted with narrow air vents
  • Durable & Reliable with 15 Years guarantee
  • Free Nationwide delivery
  • Installation Service

Available Colors

 Single Wheelie Bin storage is completely painted, including inside doors and lids. Recently we are offering four colors in our Single Wheelie bin storage unit, which make your garden or home aesthetically pleasant. You can customize your color when ordering your bin storage.

  • Willow & Jasmine Duo
  • Charcoal Black
  • Slate Grey
  • Midnight Blue


  • You need to order Back Panels separately if the back is on display
  • Assembly is not including with the unit and currently available in Dublin only

Additional information

Dimensions750 × 875 × 1150 m


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