Wheelie Bin Rubbish Compactor


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Benefits of Our Wheelie Bin Basher

We have all had the unsightly experience of overflowing bins and then the unequally unwelcome task of someone having to jump on top to push the bags down. Not only is this unpleasant it is also potentially dangerous.

But not any longer…. The Wheelie Bin Rubbish Compactor from WBS Ireland is a super strong welded assembly that is not only easy to use but also gets the job done without having to get your hands dirty. Manufactured from steel and with high tensile bolts, the Bin Compactor is very easy to use.

Simply hang it on the hinges of your wheelie bin and press firmly.

Very stable, solid execution

. Fit 40 % more rubbish into your bins

.No more jumping on your wheelie bin

•Fit for wheelie bins with 60, 120 or 240 litres

•No assembly required

•Simply hooks over your wheelie bin hinges at the rear

•Just pull down on the handle, and the leverage pushes the waste down into your bin with ease

•Material: powder coated galvanised steel

•Dimensions: approx:32x26x94 cm



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