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Why choose triple Wheelie Bin Storage?

Triple wheelie bins storage keeps your garden aesthetically pleasant and untidy. Extreme weather can put you in trouble and cause the bins tip-overs; to avoid the hectic morning, you should secure your whole containers in a single place. Wheelie bin Storage Ireland presents the best solution for your problem, which keeps your bins safe from the massive storm and wild animals. Our triple wheelie bin storage chest helps you to eradicate all such concerns, and it is explicitly designed to dispose of an enormous amount of rubbish once.

Triple Wheelie Storage: Things you Need to Know   

All units are delivered flat packed. It is perfect for hiding unsightly bins for household waste and gardening waste. The 3 lifting lids attached to the bin lids and 3 opening front doors, allowing easy access to the wheelie bins. Regardless of the size, each triple wheelie bin storage unit has the same characteristics and size. Each compartment can store up to 240 L waste and each compartment having its own lid and door for independent and easy access. Dimensions of our triple wheelie storage are given below

Triple Wheelie Bin unit for 240L waste= Height: 1150mm x Depth: 820mm x Width: 2.2 m

 We are offering a range of wheelie bin storage with three wheelie bins in different colours. You can choose three bins of different colours in a single package. The product hides away 3 x 240-litre bins perfect for households and commercial areas.

Product Key Features

  • Made from FSC sustainable sources
  • Pressure-treated material
  • Disguise up to 3 wheelie bins
  • Aesthetically pleasing and prevent your bins from spoiling your garden view
  • Easy to assemble
  • Planed smooth  
  • Provide resistance against moisture and keep your rubbish dry and untidy.
  • Fungal & Insect Resistance
  • Protection from wild animals
  • Fitted with narrow air vents
  • Protect your bins form blowing
  • Durable & Reliable with 15 Years guarantee
  • Free Nationwide delivery
  • Installation Service 


Available Colors

 Triple Wheelie can be completely painted, including inside doors, lids, and side panels or just the outside  Recently we are offering five colours in our triple Wheelie bin storage unit, which make your garden or home aesthetically pleasant. 

  • Willow & Jasmine Duo (white/green)
  • Charcoal Black 
  • Knights Armour (dark grey)
  • Slate Grey (light grey)
  • Midnight Blue 


  • You need to order Back Panels separately if the back is on display
  • Assembly is not including with the unit and currently available in Dublin ONLY

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